Quotes Corner

In this first post of a new feature, where I plan to share snippets from those writers who have influenced me and my writing, there can only be one author ~ the Queen of Regency herself, Georgette Heyer.

I have loved her novels since I first read The Talisman Ring when I was about ten or eleven years old. I adore her wit, her descriptive prose and her incredible characterization. Her books take the reader to another world, where, for a short while, they might forget all the struggles and stresses of everyday life.

This short quote comes from Faro’s Daughter, which was first published by Wm. Heinemann Ltd. in 1941. It is from one of my all-time favourite scenes.

“You will find it very inconvenient to keep me in your cellar indefinitely, I imagine, but I must warn you I have not the smallest intention of leaving it, except upon my own terms.” 

“But you cannot let the race go like that!” cried Deborah, aghast. 

“Oh, have you backed me to win?” he said mockingly. “So much the worse for you, my girl!”


Rowlandson - The Hazard Room

Thomas Rowlandson – The Hazard Room